the beloved story

beloved@thebarn is an adventure and we’d love you to become part of our story. It all started with lunch sometime in July 2017.

My friend Alison and I decided to meet in Southwell for a change (she lives in Nottingham and I live near Newark) and lunch at the Minster cafe. Usually I would park in the main car park opposite the Minster but on this day I couldn’t get a space so I drove round and found a space on the street (the Burgage). I trotted down to the Minster sharpish not wanting to be late. On the way back up I remembered an art gallery being in a funny little barn in the car park on King Street so I went to find it. It was no longer there. The barn was empty and a notice in the window that it was up for rent. I took down the details and headed home.

The following day I was over at my parents again. My Dad was in the last weeks of his life and I was helping my Mum care for him. He was 90 and had led a very full and productive life, but his time drew near. I knew he was worried about what Mum would do when he was gone and what would happen to all their beloved things they had collected over the years. I had an idea.

Having got the details of the Barn from the landlords (Newark and Sherwood District Council), I went to have a look around, took pictures and took my idea back to Dad. “How about we take this on as an art gallery and a little shop to sell all your beloved things that need new homes” I said.

“Excellent idea” said Dad. His eyes lit up and for a few days he had a renewed energy at the thought of this adventure. It gave him pleasure to add his thoughts to my plans and he was comforted that Mum had something to look forward to. When he died on the 5th of August, I was awaiting the lease to sign.

And that is just the beginning of the story.

beloved@thebarn is now open as a contemporary art gallery and studio, and a creative space for holding workshops and events.

Mum and I will also be selling beloved homewares – glassware, china, decorative accessories, and maybe some furniture all with stories and history -and giving them new life with creative twists. Why not have your G&T in a bone china cup? Or fill a cut glass decanter with fairy lights to bring cheer on a dark winter’s evening?

We’ll be bringing you all this and more… and if you have beloved things needing a new home, come and talk to us.

Do pop in and see us soon!   ~ Tina B 

Mum and Dad – at my housewarming when I moved back to Newark in 1997