Art of business workshops

Creative journalling to make your business plans come alive!

with Tina Bettison

Wednesday July 4
10.30 am to 3.30 pm
Places limited to 6 per workshop


Would you like to get more creative in planning your business and do it in a creative space with a box of goodies you can dive into to make your business ideas and plans come alive?

Want to feel more inspired with your business?

If you are anything like me, you’ll have attended lots of business workshops and had loads of great ideas, all of which are scribbled on bits of paper and handouts or in a variety of notebooks, but finding all the good stuff in among those notes?? Some of my best ideas are buried in a filing cabinet!

Well, come and join me on July 4 for a day of deep diving into your business, while using creative journaling as a vehicle to capture your thoughts, ideas and plans. Making art in this way is not about drawing or painting skills, it’s about using art as a concept for capturing thoughts. It doesn’t matter what you create or how you create it. 

Creative journaling encourages both creative thinking and focus. It will help you define and refine your ideas and plans.  And contrary to popular belief, creative thinking does not mean using the right side of your brain. It involves getting both hemispheres of your brain communicating with each other – ideal for business planning, which can so often become quite a 1-dimensional activity. You’ll learn a fun, visual way to approach your business with new eyes and capture those ideas in a way which means they are a constant inspiration not a bunch of forgotten notes.

We’ll be looking at some business fundamentals, reconnecting with our passion for our businesses and creating a visual journal to keep the inspiration flowing. 

All the materials you will need including journal/notebook, paints, pens, pencils, magazines for clipping, etc will be provided. You’ll have a dressing up box of crafty bits and bobs to dive into to capture the soul of your business.

Places are limited to 6 people. Cost £97; including all materials for use on the day, plus light refreshments and lunch. (We’ll visit one of the lovely cafes in Southwell for sustenance). 

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