beloved philosophy

The values that underpin beloved@thebarn and BeLOVEdArt are Beauty, Connection, Expression, Inspiration, Love and Magic.

What you see in the gallery may be artworks, crafted items, vintage homeware, old or antique pieces. You may participate in workshops, watch demonstrations, hear talks and attend events at our lovely little venue. However those are just the ‘things’ that we purvey.

Really we are in the business of helping you find beauty, connection, self expression, inspiration, love and magic in a world that sometimes seems hell bent on destroying these things. Yes, there is an awful lot of awful stuff going on in the world, but there’s also a huge amount of love and creativity – and it’s the creative love stories in our wee corner of the world that we want to share.

beloved@thebarn was born from love (see the beloved story) and from my love of making things beautiful and making beautiful things.

Making things beautiful… a glass decanter no longer needed for holding wine can make the loveliest table decoration filled with battery operated fairy lights. Sherry glasses can have new life as receptacles for tiny cacti. A glass butter dish sitting in a silver plated holder can look fabulous on a dressing table for keeping earrings at hand. Teacups are great for serving summer desserts or G&T!

The beloved philosophy is to take Granny’s stuff out of the attic and love it back to life. Connect old memories with modern ideas and create new memories as you go. With a little imagination and inspiration, things you thought you’d never use can bring beauty and magic to your home.

Making beautiful things… hidden away from view there are artists and creators, who are making beautiful things – some are hobbyists and some are trying to turn their passion into a business that sustains them on all levels.

‘Work is love made visible,’ wrote Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet (one of my favourite books).

The beloved philosophy is to give those artists and creators the opportunity to show their work, to display and share their love made visible; particularly those artists and creators who are not well represented elsewhere. So when you visit beloved@thebarn you probably won’t see the same artists or makers that you will see in other galleries locally. You might see the first exhibition an artist has created. You might find a creator whose work has not been seen outside of their studio.

For sure, YOU will get the opportunity to make beautiful things too. Workshops at beloved are for those who want to find their self expression in a safe, encouraging and inspiring environment. And those who would really like a little time and space away from everyday life to just ‘be’ and to create.

You can try new techniques, mediums and styles to enhance your own practice or just play with no pressure on producing an end result. You will still learn the ‘how-to’, and in addition the beloved facilitators will give you space to find your own creative voice.

Making ‘things’ beautiful and making beautiful things – love, beauty, connection, self expression, inspiration, magic and a warm inclusive welcome. These values are at the heart of everything we do. As one of our lovely customers says “I always feel energised when I come here”.

Energised, inspired, loved, welcomed. If the beloved philosophy floats your boat, come in and join us. beloved@thebarn isn’t just a place, it’s a community.

See you soon 🙂

Tina x