BeLOVEdArt by Tina Bettison

Like most things in my life, I became an artist by accident but felt its calling and followed it. I discovered the joy of mixed media art. Until that moment four years ago, I had mostly expressed my visual creativity through photography and purely for my own pleasure.

Beloved, Listen to Your Heart, Be Love and Be Loved

These words were given to me on the day I felt a calling to create an artwork for a dear friend, also an artist. So BeLOVEdArt became the brand for my artworks. I pour swathes of love into my art, and intend that the recipients of my artworks feels that energy when they hang it on their wall.

I am currently exploring art in office and commercial spaces so I am delighted to be working with Nicholsons Chartered Accountants in Lincoln and displaying my work in their reception. Original art can change the energy of a space in a way that prints can’t and it provides a talking point for visitors and staff alike.

I am also delighted to now have my own studio and gallery at beloved@thebarn in Southwell where you can see my creations ‘in the flesh’. As I work mainly in mixed media, there is no good substitute for getting up close and personal with these artworks. However since we are in the digital age and to keep up with these times, you can see my work and follow my process on Facebook, instagram and Pinterest. My new website for art and photography is currently under construction.

When you are in Southwell, come and say hello!

Tina B x